Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Silent American

On the morning of Wednesday November 9, 2016 some Americans awoke with a sense of glee, some with a sense of shock and sadness while some awoke with a sigh of relief.  Donald J. Trump had been elected as the 45th President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton had been rejected by the Electoral College, but eked out the popular vote.  The pollsters were wrong.  What message, if any, was sent by the voters?  I believe that once the dust settles and we finally see the demographics of the voters for each candidate, it will tell us an interesting story. One thing that I hope that both sides really get from this election is that EVERY vote matters.  Never allow yourself to think that it doesn’t.  Regardless of which side you are on, the election was historic due to the rising up of voters from every demographic.  It will be studied for years to come.

I don’t necessarily see this as an inauguration or coronation of Trump, but rather an indictment on several things by the common every day citizen.  I also believe that the final demographics may bear this out.  Hillary Clinton was and is still an incredibly polarizing figure to many on both sides of the aisle.  The hard core Progressive Democrats believed that they had found the One to continue the legacy and policies of President Obama.  Therein, I believe, lay the problem.  Main stream America rejected that legacy and policies.  This was first and foremost an indictment on the last eight years that many see as being incredibly divided.  The common every day hardworking American was simply tired of being kicked around and told what to believe or accept. 

This election was also an indictment on the breakdown of law and order.  The Obama Administration and mainstream media have been quick to trot out feigned anger and shock involving Law Enforcement use of force.  Not once, have cooler heads prevailed nor has there been a call to wait and see what the evidence and facts brought to light.  It was an all-out assault on Law Enforcement.  And while they may be silent, mainstream America appears to have finally had their fill.  Encompassed within this indictment was the complete distrust and corruption of Hillary Clinton and the appearance that she could do whatever she wished because she was an elite and people would still vote for her.  And amazingly they did!

This was an indictment on the Progressive Left’s policies.  Not against any group, not against any race, not against any religion.  Again, I believe that the demographics will bear this out.  Mainstream America was just tired of the militant fringe on the left (the Right has it as well and is equally disgusting) and their constant shouting.  Never mind the constant irony of “acceptance” and “tolerance” which only occurs if you agree.  Let’s not kid ourselves that that isn’t accurate. 

This was an indictment of Obamacare.  Unless you completely live in a fairy tale land (which judging from some of the things I have read, I have reason to believe that some of you do) there is no way possible that you can view this government monstrosity of an overreach as a success.  Skyrocketing premiums, out of this world deductibles, seriously? Not to mention that not a single “promise” of Obamacare has become a reality. 

This was an indictment of one failed foreign policy after another.  Our allies (what’s left of them) no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us.  I understand that for the Progressives, it’s all about touchy-feely, peace love and harmony.  The problem is, in the real world, there are some incredibly evil people (ISIS) that would love nothing more than to watch America burn.  Unfortunately, I believe that some of you feel the same way which should tell you all you need to know about yourself.  Real leaders have to make difficult choices and they aren’t always pretty.  Spending your career apologizing for America being exceptional just doesn’t cut it with a large portion of America.  We are exceptional and we are exceptional because many, many Americans that came before us worked hard to make us so.  If you wish to not be exceptional, then you go right ahead.  But don’t try to drag the rest of us down with you. 

Listen up Conservative politicians; this was an indictment on you as well.  You went to DC with clear instructions this time.  No more corruption, no more progressive ideals no more sitting there twiddling your thumbs.  You have the White House and Congress.  If you cannot get things done to truly make this Country great by creating jobs, bringing business back, repealing and replacing Obamacare with something that actually works and create real energy independence your time will be short.  Two years to be exact.  The mid-term elections for Congress are in two short years and the clock started today.  The exact same passion that swept you into power, can just as easily sweep you out.  The silent, common American has awoken, and we are watching.