Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ode to a Country

June 28, 2012 may very well be the date upon which our children and grand-children will look and ask the question “why did you allow this to happen?”  What will our answer be?  Apathy? Uninformed?  We were for it? 

On June 28, 2012 the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upheld the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) by a vote of 5-4.  Obamacare was rammed down the throats of American citizens solely because the government knows what is better for us than we do.  They played on sympathy, after all, who wants the poor and elderly to die because they don’t have health care?  I certainly don’t. But let’s take a real careful look at that “sympathetic” call.  We already have Medicare and Medicaid right?  We already pay for that right?   While there are millions without health care, this is about far more than health care coverage.  The Supreme Court’s decision today is a clarion call for all that hold the United States Constitution dear.  Even though the majority on the Court declared several portions to be unconstitutional, the entire Act was ruled Constitutional.  Makes sense right?  The majority of the Act was slammed by the majority, but then Justice Roberts changed sides and voted with the liberal members to uphold the Act.  His reasoning in a nutshell was the Court struck down the individual mandate as an unconstitutional penalty under the Commerce Clause, but upheld it as a permissible tax.
Basically, the government could force an enterprise on the public, provided that the penalty for not doing so was a tax and not in fact an actual penalty.

The Act is thousands of pages of legal mumbo-jumbo, smoke and mirrors.  We were told that it was not a tax.  They even argued during the SCOTUS hearings that it was not a tax.  But now, we are discovering that this is the largest tax increase in history.  It will slam small business, who will not hire due to the penalties they could incur for each employee due to the Act.  Not only will they not hire, they may also begin to cut positions.  But hey, as long as everyone has health care right? Maybe it won’t be your position. It will also be the largest tax increase for the slightly over 50% of Americans that pay taxes. The other 50% are giddy with the thought of the free health care they will receive.  What they simply do not realize is that Medicaid is broke.  The people actually receiving Obama’s great free health care will find that their choices are severely limited, as well as having even less care accessible than they do now.  To think that rationing will not happen for higher end medical care is to simply not have any economic or rational common sense.

So what is the big deal about the decision?  What is wrong with the government forcing citizens to purchase a private product that is good for them?  I recently saw an example using broccoli of all things, but it makes the point beautifully.  Let’s say that the government wants its citizens to purchase broccoli for the public good, increase their intake of vitamin B so as to reduce public health costs.  Sounds fairly harmless right?  Now say you don’t like broccoli.  The mandatory purchasing of broccoli would be completely ineffective as you can be forced to purchase broccoli but can’t be forced to eat it (at least not yet).  A more common sense approach would be to subsidize broccoli for those that like broccoli and would rather eat it than a hamburger.  This standard is somewhat what was handed down in the “necessary and proper” standard in McCullough v. Maryland.  Ordering people to purchase broccoli would be a completely ineffective and irrational means to accomplish some public health goal and would normally be deemed unconstitutional.

Why is this Act and the upholding by SCOTUS so dangerous to our freedoms?  Twenty-seven states joined together to reject Obamacare.  The remaining 23 now realize that they are no longer separate and sovereign but must not yield to “exchanges” where all health care must be purchased. 

Arizona has found out that the Federal government will no longer allow its law enforcement to participate in protecting their borders.  What will follow for the twenty-seven states that reject Obamacare?

Our elderly Americans, who are covered by Medicare will find that nearly all of their health decisions will be made by a panel of bureaucrats that will determine the amount of care they receive. Look to England for how waiting for medical tests and procedures for anyone, but most especially the elderly, often leads to death.

Tomorrow morning, we will all awake to an America that has changed.  With the stroke of a pen and the decision of a panel of judges, the America we once knew no longer exists.  We will awaken to an America where the rule of law is no longer a guarantee of the Constitutions limits or the separation of powers.

You have one chance and one chance only to turn this nation back to its founding ideals.  In November, VOTE!  Spread the word! Do not back down when challenged by liberals!  Knock them out with knowledge and facts!  They deal simply with emotion and extremely loose facts.  Do what your forefathers would have you do!  The fate of this country, you and your children and grand-children depend on it.

And may God help us all.