Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Occupy Wall Street....my thoughts

I have watched since the whole "Occupy Wall Street" thing started and, other than to friends at lunch, have stayed quiet about it.  Well, those that know me well know that doesn't often last.  So I started getting the itch to write again. But what to write about? How it disgusts me that these entitlement-minded dead-head beatniks are constantly yelling about "corporate greed" and "destroy capitalism"?  No, perhaps too controversial.  Maybe a firm lecture in writing about teh benefits of capitalism and the extreme disadvantages of Socialism and Communism? No, too dry.  So as I sat and thought, the images from the "occupiers" kept racing through my head, competing for space with images from Tea Party protests.  Images! One picture is worth a thousand words they say.  What if I simply allow images to tell the story?  Along with and every now and then warning or comment from me, after all, it is my blog.  So, here is my attempt to compare the two "groups".  Oddly enough, the Tea Party has been railing against some of the same overarching arguments.  Only the Tea Party groups have been derided as being racist, while you will see exactly who is racist.  Also, the Tea Party chose to work from within the structure of this great nation, not attempt to destroy it and remake it into some farcical  utopia.  But enough from me, on to the images.


Let's start with the Occupy Wall Street Crowd

Notice the Hammer and Sickle...the symbol of the enemy when I was growing up

What protest would be complete without the
lovable fat guy? Shouldn't he be making another 
movie full of misleading information or anti-Christian themes? 
I wonder how much money he has donated?

"Down with corporate greed!'' Well, unless of course it is my favorite brand

 Again, more corporate greed


One glaring contrast you will notice between the two groups, is 
their sense of patriotism, or lack thereof.

And their lack of respect for religions, even though
the occupiers would have everyone believe they are
extremely tolerant.  They are, unless you disagree with their views.

Good 'ol Karl Marx. Swell guy wasn't he? 

More lovely religious tolerance

Antisemitism (but we're tolerant)

I am an amateur scholar of the U.S. Constitution
Oddly, I have never seen the right to a job.  They are nice to have, but not a right.

True feelings and views being revealed 

Good 'ol Bob, head of the Communist Party USA

More Antisemitism (But hey we're still tolerant)

Same old tired anti-Jewish rhetoric, from a very tolerant group

This young man wants his college paid for.  Why? He just does. Deal with it!

Oh yes, we are very tolerant

and....here is the savior of our country...relish it!

So that is just a few images and videos from the occupiers. Anyone care to ponder as to their agenda?  Oh wait, they have released a manifesto of "demands" Only one of which have anything to do with Wall Street. You will see it, it's the one dealing with corporations as "persons)

Here is the link to their manifesto: OWS Manifesto

Once you are finished with that link, check this one out: Supporting the Occupy Crowd

And now, in images, the other side.....

Real liberty....


Racist? not so much....

Deeply patriotic...

So, these are just some of my thoughts in images. The images that have been comparing and contrasting in my mind.  Like I said, oddly enough, some of the things both groups agree on.  The difference is how each chooses to get there.  Through working within the fabric of this country, or destroying it through anarchy (which has no end).

Just my opinion, form your own