Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ready Or Not, Here We Come!


Back when times were good and my generation was mostly innocent, we used to play hide and seek.  Everyone knows the object of the game.  Whoever was “It” would have to yell “ready or not here I come” after counting to the agreed upon magic number that allowed one to find an undiscoverable hiding place.  Those were the days.

Unfortunately the ones that are yelling that phrase now are our enemies.  They have struck our interest abroad for years now and on September 11th; they bloodied our nose here at home.  Regardless of your thoughts of President Bush, one thing he did correctly was to punish those responsible (Except for bin Laden who still can’t rear his ugly head for fear of some young Marine sniper turning it into a canoe).  He took the fight to the enemy.  Some of his detractors absolutely kill me when screaming from the heights about the Patriot Act.  I for one had nothing to fear from the Act.  I can’t recall any terrorists or would be terrorists in my email list, nor do I recall anyone overseas that I cared to wire money to.  Was it a grab at individual liberty?  Sure it was.  And we were at war.  Do you think that life simply remained the same during World War 2 here at home?  I think not.  Dire times often call for sacrifice.  Unfortunately we as a people are no longer willing to sacrifice.

After his election, Obama circled the globe on a mission of Muslim appeasement.  In his speech to the “Muslim World” in Cairo on June 9, 2009 he apologized basically for our way of life.  For our involvement in the worlds ills.  Which ones Mr. President? Normandy? Iwo Jima? Indonesia after the tsunami? Over half of this entire planet owes its very existence to the US be it either through donations, food drops, protection etc.  We didn’t appoint ourselves World Police.  It’s the responsibility inherits as the last remaining superpower.

With all of the appeasement and apologizing he also has said he will close the evil Guantanamo Bay prison.  Which by the way holds men that were captured trying to kill our troops?  Ahh yes.  These fine men deserve our rights.  They deserve being tried under our wonderful judicial system. 

Obama has also declared the use of torture as illegal in the US. Wow! Really? Torture was already illegal in the US Mr. President.  I realize you certainly fancy yourself as the messiah, but even you are not responsible for that. 

So what message does all of this send to our enemies? I think its safe to say what there reaction was based on the attempted destruction of an airliner on Christmas Day.  Dear Mr. President, Thanks for all of the kind words Mr. President and for reaching out to the Muslim world.  Oh by the way, we still want to kill you. Signed The Terrorists.

Must it be that clear before he wakes up? Or is there something more at work here? 

The only way to assure that terrorists will not strike us is to destroy them.  I have studied radical Islam at great length (I am a firm believer in knowing thy enemy) and even I know that strength is the only thin they understand.  Constantly being on the defensive is only showing our weakness and it in and of itself IS weakening us.  It is time to recognize the elephant in the room.  It hasn’t been a group of nuns or Boy Scouts that have attacked us.  It has been young Muslim men.  So if you have a group of nuns and a group of young Muslim men about to board a flight, which deserves more scrutiny?  Some will call that profiling.  I call it using common sense.  After all, air travel is not a right it’s a privilege.  Want to fly? Follow the rules.  If the rules say that ANYONE matching a certain profile will garner the most attention then so be it.  Had the Christmas Day bomber succeeded he will have murdered hundreds of people.  This after being a young Muslim male, who bought a one-way ticket and had no luggage and was on a watch list.  Talk about a complete failure of the system.  This is what being on the defense has brought us to. Maybe this really wasn’t an attempted bombing after all.  Maybe he was a patsy that has effectively been used to probe our security.  What Intel do you think they have gathered from this?

Now he has been arrested. Only after constant criticism has Obama finally said “we are at war.”  He is slow to label anything a terrorist attack.  But, at least the poor would-be bomber will get his day in court.  His attorney will make certain that we will gather no intelligence from him. And we will continue to be defensive.

This entire charade will only embolden our enemies.  The attacks that are to come, some of which will succeed and be larger than you can comprehend are inevitable.