Saturday, November 1, 2008

The End Of The Nation As We Know It

On Monday November 4th, American’s across the nation will cast their vote for one of two widely differing candidates.  The potential ramifications of an Obama/Biden presidency is frightening at the very least.  Obviously, they have their supporters, but when pressed throughout the entire campaign the only reason they can give for their support is “he will bring about change.”  Unfortunately, that is exactly the case.  But what kind of change can we expect from a possible Obama/Biden administration?  This blog is going to attempt to answer that very question.

Change #1- In a US News and World Report article on Friday October 24th, it has been discovered that Congress are actively discussing the takeover of 401K’s across the country and replace them with a 2nd quasi Social Security system.  A system in which the government will effectively take control of the retirement savings of millions of Americans.  Since the current Social Security system will more than likely not be around when I reach retirement age, obviously the government will do an outstanding job with your 401k plans.  Oddly enough, Argentina’s President Fernandez just authorized the take over of their citizen’s private retirement funds to access the $29 billion they contain. US News and World Report.

Change #2- Raising taxes to pay for new spending.  Obama has stated that he would raise tax rates on capital gains (Capital gains are commonly taxes paid on profits from the sale of an asset that was purchased at a lower price, most commonly stocks, bonds etc.), dividends and individuals making over $250,000.  Although Biden stated just recently that the amount would actually be $150,000.  What is not being widely publicized is his promise to not renew the Bush tax cuts that we fall under and that were enacted in 2000.  He has stated that he would not renew the Bush tax cuts when they are set to expire on January 1, 2011.  The non-renewal will affect each and everyone of you!  But, by just not renewing the tax cuts, he is keeping his promise to not raise your taxes.  It is semantics at its finest.  They’re not being raised, just allowed to rise back to pre 2000 levels.  Also, under the Obama tax plan, low income workers would get a credit that would basically refund most of their Social Security taxes.

The Tax Policy Center estimates that Obama’s plan would amount to about $600 billion in new spending.  The planned tax hikes will only cover about half of that, not considering the recent downturn in the market.  Where will the remainder of it come from?  Your 401k’s? And this isn’t even figuring the other large items promised by Obama during his campaign.  Typical leftist agenda. Big government with their hands in your pocket.

Once Obama and Biden are in office they will sell the large items promised but will bemoan the lack of funding to pay for them.  Then they will retreat on their promise and raise your taxes and mine.

Change #3 Taking over the banks Obama will more than likely will impose new terms on the banks that are currently being rescued by the Federal Government.  He has already suggested that banks observe a 90 day moratorium on foreclosures. According to officials, the nations largest banks would then have a government mission, a profit motive, and taxpayer backing in case of failure.  With their power to dictate lending decisions to banks, what could go wrong?  ACORN has already been largely credited with pressuring banks to increase their high risk loans to low income families in an effort for “equality.”  Now those “equal” families are in a house they cannot afford and the bank is knocking at the door to foreclose. 

Change #4 Reinstate the offshore drilling ban.  It goes without saying that drilling offshore and in ANWR will not solve our energy crisis.  However, it is definitely a step in the right direction.  The futures market is what drives the price of crude oil up.  With the potential of more barrels of oil being produced in the US and being placed on the market, the futures prices would drop.  It is Supply and Demand 101.  However, with the Obama/Biden administration and the potential addition of Democratic Senate seats the ban would be reinstated, thereby driving up the futures price yet again.

Change #5 An assault on basic life  Obama has already said that he will review every one of Bush’s executive orders when he is in office.  One that he will most likely start with is the one regarding federal funding of research that destroys human embryos.  Bush’s executive order makes two important claims: The destruction of life for research violates the principal that no life should be used as a means for achieving the medical benefit of another and human embryos and fetuses, as members of the human species are not raw materials to be exploited or commodities to be bought and sold.  Obama will likely revoke these executive orders and any other that displeases the abortion lobbyist.  Any policies that protect the rights of pro-life pharmacists and physicians will likely also be revoked.  The Freedom of Choice Act that puts all branches of the federal government on record as supporting late term abortion and makes all levels of government pay for abortions will also be enacted.  If you have never researched late term abortion and how horrible it is take a chance and Google it.  Be warned however, the procedure is horrendous and is paramount to murder of an unborn child!

Change #6 A complete and cowardly withdrawal of forces from Iraq  Whether you agree or disagree with the war, we are there and have men and women in harms way.  The complete unequivocal withdrawal of our forces will embolden our enemies and give them years of propaganda to use in their quest for world domination.  It simply cannot be allowed to happen!

Change #7 Government funded and mandated healthcare  While I will agree that someone without healthcare is unfortunate, there are programs already in place to assist those individuals.  Medicare and Medicaid to name two.  These two hugely beuracratic government programs work like a finely tuned machine.  OK I almost said that with a straight face.  I can’t believe that a large portion of Americans would be comfortable allowing the government to handle their healthcare needs.  Think about Obama’s stance on life taken just from his abortion stances.  What is to stop the government from deciding you do not deserve the care you need.  Think about this for a moment.  Your mother or other aged loved one is in need of a particular type of procedure that would save their life.  The federal government has put in place caps on all procedures that place a maximum on how many of these types of procedures can be performed.  At the same time, across the country, a young man (or woman) is in need of the same procedure.  Government must now decide who gets the procedure.  An elderly person, who has lived their life, or a young person that can contribute to “the whole”.  Who do you think they are going to chose? 

If you think that it is the responsibility of the government to provide healthcare for its citizens then McCain is still the proper choice.  Consider the following facts about McCain’s healthcare proposal:
                   More Choices
Greater tax benefits (average $1200 benefit for families)
Strengthens employer coverage
Does not tax premiums or employers providing coverage
No reduction of Medicare benefits
Credit goes to the Company the American family chooses
Builds on the employer based system

Under Obama’s plan, is a $179 billion a year employer mandate. This mandate requires employers to either provide “meaningful” coverage or pay a tax towards the government plan. Faced with tough economic times and rising health costs this creates an incentive for employers to drop coverage and move families into the new government plan.  A Lewis Group study concluded that 52 million individuals will lose their private employer coverage.  To maintain competitiveness, more and more employers will follow suit, spelling the demise of the employer coverage system.  Once the private system is dead and gone, mother America now has the complete power over your healthcare needs!  Obama’s government run healthcare will cost roughly $243 billion per year.  An average financial burden of more than $3,000 a year on American families.  Again I ask, where will all of this money come from since they are not going to raise taxes?  I think you know the answer.

We all are now familiar with the wealth spreading comment uttered by Obama over the last few weeks, as well as the illegal investigations into the background of Plumber Joe.  Wealth redistribution and the demonizing of individual achievers is straight out of the Socialist playbook.  In fact, just this week while on the stump, Obama basically said that those that wish to keep their hard earned money and not pay higher taxes are selfish.  What little I have I would like to keep.  You want more?  Get a job!

Most of America has decided who they are going to vote for.  However there are multitudes of undecided out there.  This group is who this blog is intended to target.  Unfortunately, it appears as if the Obama camp is going to steal this election.  Early voter turnout has broken records with Democrats allegedly being ahead.  However this is based on poll data that the mainstream media has distorted constantly in an effort to sway the undecided and get the McCain or Barr supporters to stay home.  Don’t let the mainstream media sway you!  Interestingly enough, a Zogby poll released today (11-01-08) shows McCain has pulled ahead 48-47.  Perhaps the swooning of the media over Obama has finally backfired!

We are at a crossroads unlike any other we have ever encountered.  Are there things about McCain that concern me?  Of course there is.  McCain is not nearly conservative enough for my taste.  But, there are multitudes of things about Obama that concern me.  Not withstanding his sudden, almost “miraculous” rise to the top the shear liberal thinking scares me.  Then there are the people he chooses to surround himself with: Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi (former spokesperson for the Palestinian Liberation Organization which was at the time considered a terrorist organization), and Louis Farrakhan the National Representative for the Nation of Islam.  The amount of damage Obama and a democratically controlled House and Senate will cause to this nation can never be repaired.  The shear amount of handouts and programs that people will grow to depend on will never be stopped.  Think about this for a moment.  You are the owner of a company and you give your employees every Friday off for years. Then after several years you decide this is unproductive and now all employees must work on Friday.  What kind of backfire can you expect from your employees? Now think along those lines with millions and millions of employees.  Now you are starting to see the picture.  The programs will never be stopped, more and more money will be required to run them.  Under the “Fairness Doctrine” ( Fox News, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and any other Conservative talk show will eventually be shut down.  Then we are truly on the path to Socialism and the complete and irreparable collapse of this once great nation.  This simply cannot be allowed to happen.

Please do your part and vote!  If Obama wins the election then so be it.  After all the greatest power in the universe actually calls the shots and with the way America has become, she is in need of discipline.  The discipline will be harsh and it will be cruel.  But it will eventually end, as will America.