Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Issues


Many of you have asked when I was going to begin blogging again.  In all honesty, partly due to not being able to find the time to properly give the blog the attention it and you deserve it has also been hard to rekindle the fire that I once enjoyed.  Part of the reason is the media’s unashamedly biased coverage of Obama and the public’s willingness to be spoon fed all of his hype.  People I have known for years are falling victim to his “all style and no substance” persona that it is depressing.  As I have stated in the past, I am but a small voice crying out in the wilderness and may not be able to convince most readers that Obama is just plain wrong for our nation.  But if I can change one then the effort is worth it.  It is with that in mind that I attempt to return to my writing and try to make a difference.  As always, I welcome your debate and your comments.  If you agree, disagree or enjoy the blogs please let me know!  You don’t realize how big a part each of you play in providing me with the desire to continue writing.  Thanks!

The Endorsement

As most of you know, I have never been real big on McCain.  Although I praise him for his sacrifice to this country, he has at times appeared to be  Republican in name only.  In spite of our differences in certain issues, I have had to weigh the differences and see which side one.  Therefore, I have decided to support McCain for President (his recent decision to choose Palin as the VP has really helped with this decision).  With this in mind, some of you may think there is going to be a fantastic right lean to this blog.  But unlike the mainstream media, I will put forth both sides, warts and all.  This is done in an effort to inform and allow you to make the decision for yourselves.  You will not find any spoon feeding here!

The Issues

Obviously McCain and Obama are as different as night and day in the political arena but what do you really know about their stances on the issues?  Below are some issues that may be of importance to some or all of you.  The responses are from the candidates themselves and are a matter of public record.  When applicable, a hyperlink is provided for you to do you your own research.

Bioethics / Stem Cells and Embryos (Research): Sen. McCain supports allowing access to Federal dollars for the following research: Adult stem cell research, Leftover embryos derived from in vitro fertilization, Embryo destructive research and umbilical cord blood banks

Sen. Obama supports allowing access to Federal dollars for the following research: Therapeutic Cloning, Leftover embryos derived from in vitro fertilization, Embrto destructive research and umbilical cord blood banks

Obama would not support a federal law that prohibits the states from engaging in research in which a human embryo is destroyed.  McCain gave no response on the issue.
McCain would support a federal law prohibiting reproductive cloning and cloning for research.  Obama would not support such a law.

Neither candidate would support or continue President Bush’s ban on the use of federal funds for research on human embryonic stem cell lines created after August 2001.

Judicial Issues: Obama would appoint as judges, men and women who interpret a law in accordance with their personal beliefs 1.  McCain has stated that he would appoint men and women as judges that interpret the law as it is written.

Women’s Health: McCain does not support Medicaid funded abortions. Obama, however does support it.

McCain would support laws requiring abortion clinics to show all women an ultrasound image of their unborn baby.  Obama did not respond to the question.

Family and Parental Rights: Obama opposes a federal parental notification law 2. McCain would support the law.

Abstinence and Marriage Education: Obama would not fight to protect the integrity of federally defined abstinence-until-marriage education.  McCain states that he would fight to protect the education.

Promoting Stronger Marriages: Neither candidate supports a US amendment to define and protect marriage as a union between one man and one woman.   

The Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) declares marriage to be the union of one man and one woman for all purposes of the federal government and declares that states do not have to recognize same sex “marriages” from other states.  Sen. McCain has stated that he would veto any bill that would weaken any provision of the federal DOMA (Bill HR 3396 ; vote number 1996-280 on Sep 10, 1996).  Sen. Obama would support a repeal of the provision of DOMA that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman for all federal purposes, thus freeing the federal government to give marital benefits to same sex couples. 3  Obama would also support a repeal of the provision of DOMA that declares states do not have to recognize same sex “marriages” from other states, thus leaving courts free to require such recognition under the Constitution’s “full faith and credit clause.

Religious Liberty: Obama does not support the continuation of the Faith Based Initiative (on the federal level) to guarantee the right of religious and social service providers to access federal programs on an equal basis.  4  McCain supports continuing the Faith Based Initiative.

Homosexuality and Special Rights: When asked about their positions on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) which would grant federal civil rights protection on the basis of sexual orientation McCain has stated that he would veto any bill to provide federal civil rights protection on the basis of sexual orientation.  McCain would also veto any federal “hate crimes law”, and leave prosecution of such crimes to state and local authorities.  Obama would sign a bill that gives federal civil rights protection based on sexual orientation and “gender identity” 5.  Obama also would sign a federal hate crimes law that included protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as signing a bill to overturn the statutory ban on homosexuals serving in the military.  McCain would oppose the overturning of the ban.

General Issues: McCain supports federal legislation limiting the ability of government to take private land for private development purposes.  Obama did not respond to the question. 

Obama opposes repealing the federal estate (death) tax, while McCain supports the tax being repealed.

Both candidates oppose legislative initiatives that emphasize border security over all other forms of immigration reform.

Obama does not support the removal of the federal moratorium on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf.  McCain supports removal of the moratorium.

Both candidates support an immigration system that allows undocumented immigrants, who qualify by not having a decided criminal record, to learn English and become eligible to become US citizens.

Here are some other noteworthy stances by Sen. Obama:

No extra penalty for gang association in crimes
Restrict police entry rules to protect civil liberties
Questioned harsh penalties for drug dealers
Understand why youngsters “want to use drugs”
Voted to ban drilling in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuge
Casts 130 “present” votes (as opposed to yay or nay) in IL Senate
Endorsed Illinois handgun ban
Wants to renew assault weapon ban and ban semi-automatics
Restore habeas corpus to reach Muslims abroad
Obama-Lugar bill restricted conventional weapons for our military
Supports drivers license for illegal aliens
Voted to continue federal funds for “sanctuary cities” for illegal aliens
Voted to allow illegal aliens to participate in Social Security
Refused to wear a US flag pin
Associate of William Ayres of the Weather Underground that bombed US capital.  Stated “Ayres never killed anyone with bombs”
“exposure to Islam taught me that Muslims can partner with us”

Of course I’m not even going to touch the whole Reverend Jeremiah Wright fiasco.  But it is ironic that Obama has stated repeatedly that he never heard Wright preach that type of sermon the whole twenty five years he attended there.  Talk about not paying attention to the sermon! 

As I stated earlier, I may not be able to change your mind on who you are going to vote for.  It is my hope that you do not fall victim to the left-winged mainstream medias attempt to circumvent your attempt to gather knowledge of both candidates.  Obama definetly is the media darling.  But ask yourself, what exactly does he really stand for?  Does he truly represent my values?  What exactly is his plan for change?  Sure he talks about it a lot but exactly how does he plan to go about doing it?  Obama is all style and no substance.  Please don’t allow yourself to be fooled by all of the smoke and mirrors.  Do your own research! 

I leave you with one more piece of information.  Obama is really planning to disarm America.  The question you need to be asking is for what possible reason and for whom? See the video evidence here: Obama's Plan To Disarm America