Monday, September 4, 2006

Is It Really About American Policy?

These days, the liberalistic appeasers all chant the same mantra:  “Our foreign policy is to blame for the world’s view of America.”  It is the same old “blame America syndrome that has plagued this land over the past decade or longer.  When you have “national leaders” going to the media and spouting this nonsense, then some people will eventually believe it.  Have you ever stopped and thought, “Well, I wonder if we did stop some of the things we do as a country, will they leave us alone?”  If this thought has ever crossed you mind, then you are fast becoming a victim of left wing media brainwashing!  Exactly what part of our foreign policy is it that the islamo-fascists don’t like?  Our friendship with Israel?  Too bad!  Our dislike of terrorist regimes and the despots that run them?  Again, too bad. 

 We were once a country that prided ourselves on fighting for the underdog, the common man.  What happened to that country?  She is dying an agonizingly slow death and the left wing politicians and media are sucking the very life blood out of her.  Fortunately, her death will be slow.  While that may be cruel in human terms, it is a blessing in the terms of our country.  Because we still have time to stand up and be counted and change it before she takes her last gasping breath.  But, unfortunately that will take hard work, determination and self-sacrifice, something the past few generations do no possess.  Sure most of them are hard workers, but they only work for self and would never dream of imposing on themselves in order to save their way of life.  We need to wake up people. 

 As much as I hate to say it, we desperately need another 9/11 to happen.  Do you remember how patriotic everyone was shortly after that?  Do you remember the politicians standing arm in arm on the steps of the capitol singing God Bless America?  Where has all of that patriotic feeling gone?  The problem is America’s attention span is too short.  This is a direct result of media and our fast paced, gotta have it now lives.  I can tell you that I am very patriotic.  Mine probably comes from being the proud grand-son of a World War 2 Navy veteran, who sacrificed a lot for his country.  His truly is the greatest generation that ever lived.  Can you imagine the generation that is responsible for some of the leadership of this country being willing to give all for the world?  We have thousands of fellow countrymen buried on foreign soil.  Cut down before they had barely begun living life, all in the name of freedom. 

 If that same war had occurred today, most of the known world would be speaking German and only the remnant of Jews that God has promised to preserve would be alive.  Ladies and gentlemen, we ARE fighting that war today.  The islamo-fascists are bent on world domination.  It is part of their religion, their charter and mandate if you will. 

 Speaking of islamo-fascists, can you believe that left wingers have actually came out and said that using the term “fascists” to describe terrorists and supporters is wrong?  What a bunch of crap.  Ok let me get this straight.  In a time of war, they can call our President “Hitler” and even put his picture on posters with German SS insignia, but we are supposed to care if the term “fascists” hurts these turds feelings?  Give me a break!  If that isn’t a load of dung, then I have never seen one!  But do you see the point here?  This is the very thing we are fighting. 

 What can you do you may ask?  One of the most important things you can do is to exercise your right to vote.  If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.  When someone in power or in the media says or does something anti-American, do something about it, STAND UP!! Write the station or politician and express you displeasure!  But for God’s sake, don’t just sit there and take it.  I am only a small voice crying out it will take each and every one of you and everyone you know to make a difference.  The question is, will you?

*NOTE: You may notice that I do not capitalize the words muslim or islam.  This is indeed deliberate.  I feel that capitalizing them would give credence to them and you will not find me giving any aid or comfort to the enemy.  Even in capitalizition!