Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Open Letter To Voters

Open Letter To Voters

I recently sent this letter to our local newspaper.  I don't know if they will print it due to it's length, but hopefully they will.  Let me know how you feel about it!

An open letter to voters:

I have read over the past several days about the GOP's mishandling of everything from the Iraq War to the Foley debacle.  Some would say that it is the death knell for the party, as most people would shy away and vote Democrat.  I just wanted to take a moment and lay out in detail exactly what the Democratic Party being in power has cost us.  Jimmy Carter was elected during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. His legacy includes: pardoning draft dodgers, stopping the B-1 bomber production, giving away the Panama Canal (which is now controlled by China), withdrew support from the Shah of Iran, a US ally at the time, thereby clearing the way from the current regime, our barracks in Beirut were bombed with no retaliation, kissed the Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev on the cheek shortly before his invasion of Afghanistan and allowed the Soviets to take communism to at least eight different countries.  In his budget, he requested a 45% reduction of fighter aircraft, a 75% reduction in ships, an 85%reduction in submarines, and a 90% reduction in helicopters, all during the Cold War!

When Ronald Reagan took office, he inherited a 12% inflation rate, 21% interest rates, a ravaged military and a severe energy crisis.  During the next eight years, he fought with Democrats for his economic and defense strategies, including the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).  During this time, he moved nuclear missiles to Germany, to checkmate the Soviet threat.  John Kerry wanted to impose a nuclear freeze that would have given the Soviets more firepower than we possessed.  Democrats labeled his Strategic Defense Initiative "Star Wars" and made light of it.  Doesn't seem like such a bad idea today does it?  Reagan's tax cuts started a seven year period of growth which produced 20 million new jobs, interest rates dropped from 21% to 7.5%, inflation went from 12% to 3% and oil prices dropped when he removed the price controls on natural gas.  In short, Reagan was right, the Democrats were wrong.

Several years later, Reagan stood firm against the Soviets and refused to end SDI research.  Gorbachev, fearing that an initial first strike by the Soviets would be a failure, bowed to US pressure and the Soviet Empire crumbled, all without firing a shot.  Gorbachev later said that he didn't think the Soviet collapse would have happened if not for Reagan.

Now I would like to discuss the Clinton legacy.  During his not-so awe inspiring terms in Office, he blew numerous opportunities to capture or kill bin-Laden, roughly ten or more to be exact.  All because of a fear of collateral damage, which apparently bin-Laden is not concerned with.  Sure he had some Tomahawks fired and blew up an aspirin factory in Sudan and a few camels and tents in Afghanistan but that was the extent of his response.  Osama bin-Laden has said that the US withdraw in Somalia emboldened them because American no longer had the stomach for bloodshed.  Clinton ordered the troop withdraw under pressure from a Democratic Congress and America's brave men and women in the Armed Forces were left with a foul taste in their mouths.  Other Clinton debacles include: bin-Laden's attempt to purchase weapons grade uranium to kill on a mass scale, first WTC bombing, Khobar Towers bombing, bin-Laden's declaration of "War on America" and calling for the murder of Americans wherever they can be found, US Embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam bombed, and the US Cole being bombed.  Could these things have happened under a Republican controlled Congress and Presidency, sure they could have.  But recent experience would dictate that maybe the first few would have happened then we would have taken the fight to them, as we are doing now. 

Other Democratic legacies include the legal barrier created by Janet Reno that prevented the sharing of information between the CIA and FBI prior to 9/11.  Clinton administration officials selling defense technology to China, who is currently in the midst of a massive military buildup. The condemnation of current Democratic leaders of the NSA's efforts to intercept terrorist phone calls and bank transactions is another "feather" in the Democratic cap.  Not only were they critical, they were more than willing to "leak" the information to the media, thereby warning our enemies.

America, we are at war.  Mistakes are made in times of war.  There have been mistakes made in Iraq, but to just force our brave men and women of the Armed Forces to bow their heads in shame and leave would be a deadly mistake.  There is no dialog with terrorists.  They only understand one thing, fear.  Either we can have the fear, or we can create it in them.  Quitting is not the answer in anything, much less the war on terror! 

The question we must all ask ourselves is which party has shown to be more capable in defending this great nation?  Is this truly the party which represents your values?  Do you even know what the party now stands for?  I believe that the current administration has proven it's willingness to make hard decisions in time of need.  The Democratic Party has only shown a platform of condemning the Republican Party and a no-holds-barred, pull-out-all-the stops hunger at regaining power.  I won't even begin to delve into the muck of loss of tax cuts, and appeasement attitudes that would come out of Washington if they do regain power.  Simply put, don't base everything on things you read, including my opinion here.  Do the research yourself instead of being spoon-fed everything.  Your very existence may well depend on it.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Is It Really About American Policy?

These days, the liberalistic appeasers all chant the same mantra:  “Our foreign policy is to blame for the world’s view of America.”  It is the same old “blame America syndrome that has plagued this land over the past decade or longer.  When you have “national leaders” going to the media and spouting this nonsense, then some people will eventually believe it.  Have you ever stopped and thought, “Well, I wonder if we did stop some of the things we do as a country, will they leave us alone?”  If this thought has ever crossed you mind, then you are fast becoming a victim of left wing media brainwashing!  Exactly what part of our foreign policy is it that the islamo-fascists don’t like?  Our friendship with Israel?  Too bad!  Our dislike of terrorist regimes and the despots that run them?  Again, too bad. 

 We were once a country that prided ourselves on fighting for the underdog, the common man.  What happened to that country?  She is dying an agonizingly slow death and the left wing politicians and media are sucking the very life blood out of her.  Fortunately, her death will be slow.  While that may be cruel in human terms, it is a blessing in the terms of our country.  Because we still have time to stand up and be counted and change it before she takes her last gasping breath.  But, unfortunately that will take hard work, determination and self-sacrifice, something the past few generations do no possess.  Sure most of them are hard workers, but they only work for self and would never dream of imposing on themselves in order to save their way of life.  We need to wake up people. 

 As much as I hate to say it, we desperately need another 9/11 to happen.  Do you remember how patriotic everyone was shortly after that?  Do you remember the politicians standing arm in arm on the steps of the capitol singing God Bless America?  Where has all of that patriotic feeling gone?  The problem is America’s attention span is too short.  This is a direct result of media and our fast paced, gotta have it now lives.  I can tell you that I am very patriotic.  Mine probably comes from being the proud grand-son of a World War 2 Navy veteran, who sacrificed a lot for his country.  His truly is the greatest generation that ever lived.  Can you imagine the generation that is responsible for some of the leadership of this country being willing to give all for the world?  We have thousands of fellow countrymen buried on foreign soil.  Cut down before they had barely begun living life, all in the name of freedom. 

 If that same war had occurred today, most of the known world would be speaking German and only the remnant of Jews that God has promised to preserve would be alive.  Ladies and gentlemen, we ARE fighting that war today.  The islamo-fascists are bent on world domination.  It is part of their religion, their charter and mandate if you will. 

 Speaking of islamo-fascists, can you believe that left wingers have actually came out and said that using the term “fascists” to describe terrorists and supporters is wrong?  What a bunch of crap.  Ok let me get this straight.  In a time of war, they can call our President “Hitler” and even put his picture on posters with German SS insignia, but we are supposed to care if the term “fascists” hurts these turds feelings?  Give me a break!  If that isn’t a load of dung, then I have never seen one!  But do you see the point here?  This is the very thing we are fighting. 

 What can you do you may ask?  One of the most important things you can do is to exercise your right to vote.  If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.  When someone in power or in the media says or does something anti-American, do something about it, STAND UP!! Write the station or politician and express you displeasure!  But for God’s sake, don’t just sit there and take it.  I am only a small voice crying out it will take each and every one of you and everyone you know to make a difference.  The question is, will you?

*NOTE: You may notice that I do not capitalize the words muslim or islam.  This is indeed deliberate.  I feel that capitalizing them would give credence to them and you will not find me giving any aid or comfort to the enemy.  Even in capitalizition!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


OK, for starters, I haven’t wanted to write about this subject, since I feel it has been the proverbial dead horse that has been beaten and beaten.  But with this being the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and with all of the stories and same old arguments, I just can’t help myself.

However, before I get started, let’s get one thing straight.  What happened there in New Orleans was definitely a tragedy.  I too saw the images and video and felt deeply and strongly for the plight of most of the people, and was saddened by it.  But let’s really be truthful here for a moment about what happened, why it happened and the lessons EVERYONE should have learned from it.

For starters, the lesson that EVERYONE should have learned and really should have already known is that you CANNOT count on the government to save you during a crisis of that magnitude.  That is where personal accountability and responsibility for self comes in.  It would not have mattered who was in power, where it happened or whether it was a hurricane or nuclear device detonated by terrorists, the outcome would have largely been the same.  The simple fact is the government is a huge bureaucracy and will always be such.  Does the federal government bear some of the blame for the crisis?  Of course, but only a small part.  They performed their job of warning EVERYONE along the coast a full five days prior to Katrina making landfall.  These warnings included details such as: Massive structural damage, heavy loss of life, and even the fact that trees would basically become non-existent in the areas it struck.  Why were the warnings not heeded?  The vast majority of the blame lies with Mayor Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco.  How does Mayor Nagin explain the photos of thousands of school buses underwater?  He doesn't.  How do he and Blanco explain not calling for a mandatory evacuation before Katrina struck?  They don't.  A mandatory warning a mere 18 to 24 hours prior to landfall could have made a huge difference.  President Bush called Nagin the morning Katrina struck and urged him to issue a mandatory evacuation, but Nagin refused.  In my opinion, the Feds deferred way too much power to the lowly mayor.  Then why all the finger pointing at the Feds?  Because it's easy.  Remember when you were a child and were caught doing something wrong?  Do you remember pointing the finger at another kid and saying that he did it, or that they did it too?  Sounds like the situation that occurred there.  Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco were caught being a cog in the bureaucracy and resting on their laurels while The Big Easy sank, so they had to have a scapegoat. 

Now let’s discuss the subject of evacuations.  I realize that a lot of people didn’t have the means to evacuate.  Or at least the elderly and sick didn’t.  The true fact is that most people didn’t have the desire to evacuate.  This again goes back to personal accountability and responsibility.  Say a major hurricane is bearing down on my town and I decide that I am not going to go through all of the hassle of evacuating for one reason or another.  Then, the hurricane hits.  Now I am stranded and countless emergency workers now have to risk their lives to save my lazy butt.  Once, I am saved, I then begin to gripe about why no one has done anything to help my plight.  Well, whose fault is it that I am there in the first place?  I am so sick and tired of the same old arguments about race and class (which still means race, poor white people are not included in this argument either), when everything really comes down to personal accountability.  I am accountable and responsible for my own safety and well being.  Not the government.  Of course, I don’t always have my hand out for everything under the sun either.  In this country, you can be anything you wish to become, or you can stay and suckle the government teat all of your life.  The choice is yours, but it is a CHOICE!

Brian Williams interviewed a left wing professor, Michael Eric Dyson, last night on NBC’s Katrina special.  Dyson actually opened the interview by saying “The people in New Orleans were left behind long before the vicious winds and violent waters of Hurricane Katrina came along to wash them away."  In what way?  Were they forced to live there?  Were they forced to not finish school and get a decent job?  I don’t think so.  Again, life is a choice, yours to make. Now don’t get me wrong.  Racism in ANY form is wrong.  However, if a person places themselves in certain life situations, then that is a choice they make.  We ALL have the same chances, whether anyone will admit it or not.  The thing is what do we do with those choices?  If we are content to just sit around with our hands out like everyone owes us something, then that is the life we choose.  But don’t blame me for your life choices.  I have worked hard for each and everything that I have.  That was my choice.

Williams went on and actually asked Dyson if one of the reasons that most people didn’t leave was because of “government checks”, to which Dyson replied “right”.  Am I the only one that sees something perversely wrong with this statement?  I am going to take my chances (not to mention the chances of my children who have no say in whether we stay or go) for a government handout?  How’s that for irony?  I won’t leave because the government owes me a check, then I decry the government for not doing enough.  Wow, it’s not like I haven’t depended on the government for my very meager existence up to that point.  What a load of crap.  That is the ultimate in irony!  Williams then asks if transportation was also an issue, to which Dyson replied “yes”.  I will repeat my comment about the hundreds and hundreds of buses underwater AFTER Katrina struck. 

Dyson, like I said is very left wing, as if that is surprising to anyone.  In 2005, he wrote a book about Bill Cosby, who has came out over the past few years and finally called things as they really were.  In an interview with the New Your Slimes (what a surprise) he stated 'None of us want our children to be murderers or thieves. But Cosby never acknowledges that most poor blacks don't have a choice about these things.'  Don’t have a choice?  This is just more excuse making.  At the risk of repeating myself EVERYONE HAS A CHOICE!!!!!!  This is a cop out.  When are we going to finally get to the point that we call things as they are and stop making excuses for others?  Life is full of choices, the decisions are yours to make.  I have already made mine.